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Need To Transfer To A Different Distance?

Yes, you CAN transfer to a different distance. There is a $5.00 transfer admin fee (and difference in race fee if you are transferring to a longer distance event). You were sent an email last week asking if you would like to transfer your distance - you can make your transfer at this time or keep the email and transfer closer to race day if needed. The deadline for transfers to a different distance is Wednesday of race week at 9:00pm.

If you did not receive the email - it is because when you registered you entered your email incorrectly - please CORRECT HERE

If you are currently registered in the event, you can transfer online to a shorter race distance for a transfer fee of $5 (to cover admin costs).  You can also transfer to a longer distance event for a transfer of $5 and the difference in entry fees.  Please note that if you are transferring to a shorter distance race, you will not be issued a refund for the difference in entry fee.


Please note that you will need the correct race bib to start in the event you registered for unless you complete the transfer to receive a new bib. You will not be permitted to start in a different distance at the start line if you do not have the race bib/colour that matches that event distance (ie. if you registered for the Half Marathon and decide to run the 10K you must officially transfer to change your distance to start the 10k on race day). In summary, if you want to transfer to a different distance you must officially transfer via the email that will be sent out 1 month prior to race day, transfer then, or keep the email and transfer closer to race weekend.

*If you choose to run in a different distance, please be sure to officially transfer to that distance with us. If you run in a different distance, you will be disqualified, and more importantly cause a number of significant problems with our timing, results, and course safety.

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