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10K - Banff Road Race.png

Check out the rungo 10K route


  1. Start on Sundance Road

  2. Immediate left onto Cave Avenue

  3. Left on to Banff Avenue (cross over the bridge)

  4. Right on to Wolf Street

  5. Right on to Muskrat Street

  6. Left on to Caribou Street 

  7. Left on to Otter Street/Tunnel Mtn Road

  8. Right onto Tunnel Mountain Drive and pass by north Parks gate on Tunnel Mountain Drive

  9. Follow Tunnel Mountain Drive and pass by Banff Centre to Surprise Corner as Tunnel Mountain Drive turns in to Buffalo Street

  10. On to Buffalo Street

  11. Left at Muskrat Street on to the footpath / trail and proceed over Pedestrian Bridge

  12. At end of bridge (on south side of river) turn Left on to Bow River Trail

  13. Turn/Angle Right at larger trail intersection with park bench (before intersection at Bow Falls lookout/stairs) and head toward Bow Falls Ave

  14. Turn right on to Bow Falls Ave

  15. Turn right on to Glen Ave

  16. Proceed along Glen Ave under Banff Avenue Bridge on to Birch Avenue

  17. Right on Recreation Grounds footpath

  18. Proceed along footpath past skateboard park on to Sundance Road

  19. Follow Sundance Road

  20. Left on to playing field (Finish)

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